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Inspired by the Princess cakes that I found online, I sketched a cake using all the elements that I wanted to have featured on the cake.

The Fondant Fairy drew inspiration from the little princess imagery and created the cake in vanilla with caramel and fondant.

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The milkshake was printed onto sticker paper and fixed onto mini milk bottles.

The menu was placed on each place setting for the adults.

Each child was welcomed by a bottle of milk with a strawberry straw, and then received a bag with their lunch, candy-popcorn, meringue cookies, a fruit sherbet lolly and a drink.

The ‘Princess Snacks’ was printed onto card and popped into each child’s food pack.

The round stickers were used to seal the little Merignue cookies, the Candy-Corn packs and the Sherbet Fruit Lolly’s.

The ‘Thank You’ cards were printed onto cardstock and a hole was punched at the top.I threaded a piece of twine through which was used as a tag on the children’s food packs.This time around, I didn’t want to spend time designing a personalised theme for my daughters fifth birthday party.I headed over to party store, In Good Company in Parkhurst to see what party themes they had available for little girls.Keeping the interests of my daughter in mind, I spotted the range of paper items with its soft pinks and blues and immediately knew that it would suit the party that I wanted to create for her.This beautifully decorated party theme has a range of cups, plates, favour bags, cupcake kits and also features a 3d paper castle.

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