Is 17 a good age to start dating

The hidden date degrades gracefully when CSS is not available.

If the parameter p or paren equals yes, y, or 1, the age will be displayed within parentheses.

When this parameter is not included or set to some other value, the date and age are separated by a semicolon and a breaking space.

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When this parameter is not included or set to some other value, a breaking space will be inserted between the date and the age.

This does not change the separating characters between the date and age which are either a semicolon (default setting) or parentheses (if p=yes).

The default output of this template is to display the month before the day (MDY).

Please test any changes in the template's /sandbox or /testcases subpages, or in your own user subpage.

Please consider discussing changes on the talk page before implementing them.

The Start date and age template displays the date that an event or entity started or was created.It also includes a duplicate, machine-readable date in the ISO 8601 format (which is hidden by CSS), for use inside other templates which emit microformats.I do not think teenagers know anything about dating. They probably just think is hugging and kissing boys or girls. The right age to start dating is when you are all settled down with your life and you have a clear picture of the kind of relationship you want to have. This template is used on 31,000+ pages, so changes to it will be widely noticed.


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