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But when they get assigned as eachothers science partners things get..

is gerard way dating anyone-49

recording sessions, Way explained in a series of tweets.

"This specific recording was from the day I sang ' Cancer' for the album," he wrote.

Gerard and Frank are both juniors in highschool, but they aren't exactly friends.

Frank thinks Gerard's stuck up because he refuses to communicate, and Gerard doesn't appreciate the rude comments he makes to his little brother.

My Chemical Romance did a good verson of the story. Oh, and for you people who don't know how to spell or capitalize properly, you are all idiots. I don't need your crap too.)well gerard is gay..possibly bi cause in one of their preformances he stuck his tounge in one of the band memebers mouth ((not sure who tho)) so when it said "He's not around; he's always looking at men" i thought he was talking about himself..To be honest I don't care that much about what the lyrics mean because they r awesome lyrics. i think that geradr way and frank iero are dating but thats my opinion gerard saud he only kisses frank on stage to get the homophobs mad but i think hes lying and gerard did say he lies alot and yes gerard also use to date bert because on Q&A they were talking about their first date and gerard is indeed either bi or gay.

Adding and changing things always adds a good twist (: Blah, blah, blah, why does everyone care whether or not Gerard is gay? Oh and Gerard is not gay, I dont know about Bert Mc Cracken, but gerard is not gay!! Just to clarify, Gerard is married to Lyn-Z from their latest tour backing group - Mindless Self Induldgence. But shoot me down in flames if I'm wrong :) I LOVE this song. THEY R #1and no miss smart ass he does not have a g/f named katie her name is katmando and they recently broke up happy with her my ass with her my he never dated amylee wtf?!????!? I'm not saying that the song is or is not based on a book, for I am not even loosely connected to My Chemical Romance and would not know what it is truly about.This is one of those songs were you can feel the passion and emotion MCR put into their music. GERARD IS HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But when I first heard this song, I thought that it was about a very sad man who was going to be married at one point but the bride got scared and left him.This is about the gay/bi thing: Gerard is married to Lyn-Z Mikey Way is married to Alicia Simmons Frank Iero is married to Jamia Ray Toro married some girl named Christa.I believe we can safely conclude that the members of MCR are, in fact, straight. My Chemical Romance changed the story but it still sounds really good.If you read the story you would know that Gerard isn't talking about himself when he says "he's always looking at men." I agree with Z, who cares if Gerard is gay or not?Although, i would like to point out as many other people have: Gerard is married to Lindsey from Mindless Self Indulgence, and has a baby daughter.actually, if you read a rose for emily, you find she poisoned him with arsenic. I believe she killed him because he wouldn't marry her. It sounds very similar to their other song "The Sharpest Lives," at least, in my opinion. I'm probably like, 4 years younger than all of you, except the squealing fangirls who are probaly like... (I'm really pissed off at everyone right now, so shut up.


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