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I would go on for 1-2 hours a night if not more, which must have been infuriating for everyone else in the house.insanelycheerful: I started using my mum’s computer, which was in her office downstairs (she worked from home).But shortly after I got a computer in my own room, for “homework”.

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I suppose I wanted it to convey the fact that I was upbeat to the point of mental illness, which feels starkly opposed to my current self.

As I remember it, a lot of my peers had a similarly flippant approach to mental health at the time with usernames like “x XJust ALittle Bit Mental Xx”.

iwalkalonelyroad: I used quotes from song lyrics – mainly by Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Avril Lavigne, Evanesence..god, I had terrible music taste as a teenager.

I also used my name and a dash and the words "A Wide Eyed Wanderer" because I used to write fanfic under that name.

insanelycheerful: Yeah, it was the done thing to have a song lyric – I can’t remember doing it myself, but I remember a boy I had a crush on had the first line of Kanye’s "Homecoming" as his. I went through phases with fonts but changing the colour was definitely a girl-only thing at school.

I had no idea what it was but googled it and started a conversation with him by sending him the next line, like, “Yeah, I totally get and enjoy this song too, fellow human. But mainly I used things like High Tower Text or Garamond, before I got obsessed with Penguin Classics and Gill Sans.*sunglasses emoji*​ princess-in-waiting: Mine was also my hotmail, and I really have no idea why. cazzie_alice1988: Mine was a nickname nobody ever called me (but I secretly wished they would) combined with my middle name and the year I was born. cazzie_alice1988: I can actually trace my interest in how the internet works back to changing the font on MSN...princess-in-waiting: I favoured purple, a colour I now hate. I got really into making custom greens with hex codes, which lead to me first learning HTML.iwalkalonelyroad: Were you one of those people with a bespoke My Space? Sometimes I would get the width of the boxes wrong and it would look like The End of Times had come.princess-in-waiting: Wow, I never did anything that useful. Including group ones, but then obviously with individual chats with each person outside it discussing the non-conversation in the group chat.My only "skill" was the sheer number of chats I'd have open at once. Our family PC could only handle about three at a time. cazzie_alice1988: Ours was in what we called the study, which was like the end of the hall with a desk and a book shelf. I used to minimise windows anytime anyone walked past princess-in-waiting: Mine faced directly onto our kitchen/dining room for a while, so I think I went for little gnarled fonts so conversations couldn't be read over my shoulder…

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