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Besides the fact that you might experience pain the first time you have sex, you also will experience a wave of emotions that are new to you. Make sure you catch a good spouse, who will treat you right, respect your wishes, and help you learn to enjoy sex.

If you love each other, the rest will fall into place -- even if you have to have some awkward love making sessions for practice first.

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By Francesca Di Meglio Sex can be stressful if you don't have much experience.

So, what about couples that wait for the wedding night to have first-time sex?

Some people don't believe you should have sex before you are married.

Others just want to make sure they are in a confirmed, committed relationship before sharing such intimacy.

Far too often in popular culture or even among friends, we make light of love making.

But it's a really big deal to offer your body to someone.

It requires trust and confidence, which is what should exist between husband and wife.

And when you're having sex for the first time on your wedding night, you might also need patience.

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