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When the children went swimming, there found a dead mouse in the swimming pool, and that was for us the sign to leave : we took our luggage and told the owner that we wished to leave.

He said that he would think about whether he would charge my credit card or not (we didn't use anything at that time) but when we came back home, I saw, the full amount was charged... We stayed there for one night, when driving back from Provence.

On the outside, all looked well, but once you go in, everything looks very poor, not in the least the hospitality... When my gas tank was near empty, he made arrangements for me to get it in a nearby town early the next morning. He told us many stories about the history of the chateau. I really enjoyed it, although I'd not like to spend my entire vacation there.

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That was my big chance of telling her spine-chillers about the princess that was drowned at the nearby river and now haunts the castle. The hotel (only a small part of the castle) is managed by the owner, who is about to sell the place.

Some Korean sect already made an attractive offer as we were informed.

Therefore you'll have to try this hotel as soon as possible. What you get for your money is just bed & breakfast, no restaurant on the premises, and a guided tour of the castle (only some rooms).

For dinner we had to go to town, but that's not far away. you'll get a code and have to use the hidden entrance through the cellar.

Our room was overlooking the river and equipped with some antiques a canopy bed and a huge mirror with some kind of mural painting above. The bathroom was functional and spacious but could definitely use some redo.

We both slept very well and appreciated the tranquillity at night.This is a private Château whose actual owners' family dates back from the time of Charlemagne.When we entered the estate, we were quite impressed by the castle, but all that soon dissapeared when we entered it.The smell was awfull and the atmosphere was morbid.The rooms were very old and haven't been redecorated for many decades...the blankets and sheets were old and (over)often used.


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