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Prince died today at the age of 57, and you’ve probably already noticed how many queer women, among the hordes of others, are in mourning.The gender-bending icon and ally has long been a figure of celebrating uniqueness, difference and ultimately a non-hetero/binary identity.

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They were well-known for their Sapphic exchange at the beginning of the song “Computer Blue”: about Prince’s queer vibes: Lisa: He was little and kinda prissy and everything. You’re in the room with him and he gives you that look and you’re like, “Okay, I’m done. He’s Valentino.(Fun fact: Wendy is now married to another Lisa—Lisa Cholodenko.)Perhaps Prince truly did see himself as a lesbian because in 2013, Prince’s track “Da Bourgeoisie” had him returning to the same storyline as “Bambi,” but with a cheating angle that had him on the other end of the deception: Nevertheless, many queer women artists have been influenced by Prince, and proudly so.

Out musician Me’Shell Ndegeocello is a huge Prince fan, so big that she once played entire sets of Prince covers at her live shows.

Made famous by Sinead O’Connor (a queer icon in her own right), “Nothing Compares 2 U” was actually written and composed by Prince. Ultimately it did not seem that Prince identified as queer, but he had a certain sensibility that had lesbian and bisexual women drawn to his artistry. You inevitably helped pushed the world into embracing a kind of queer aesthetic that existed on the frays of heteronormativity in the music industry.

We were at dinner, and I liked it, and so she just said to wear it. Apatow: The reason he's always on the road doing standup is because he doesn't want to go home to [his wife] Camille, because he doesn't want to explain what happened. The only other person was the sound guy from her last movie. Dunham: And I didn't know that yet, so I was, like, "Sure, I'll take the car with you!

But it's on my right hand, but it makes me think of the first time Judd and I ever — we had just started working together, and he had invited me to a pretty fancy Christmas party at — are we allowed to say who it was? That guy is recording it with his phone, so I hope it's not Cosby. How am I going to end my career based on what you're doing? So he's always on the phone with Camille going, [] "I wish I could come home, but I'm playing the Panera Bread in Wisconsin! " Now if Judd asks me to take a ride with someone, I'll be like, "I'll see you in five and a half hours, when it's appropriate to show up at this person's home."Apatow: I do that to Leslie all the time.

Dunham: He's [Cosby] probably sitting in his house watching, waiting. And then I'm at the Cracker Barrel in West Covina, California, but when I'm home, I will explain about the women and the drugging and the raping. Dunham: Come to think of it, she was so eager to give me her engagement ring. I don't care if I see it again."Apatow: It's insured.

But first I'm at a Howard Johnson's in Syosset."Dunham: I didn't know enough about Bill Cosby because of where I'm positioned generationally, and the fact that I only watched Show Was Not a Show Lena Dunham Engaged With."Dunham: It's true. There's just a way that that's going to be twisted to that I haven't explored multiple avenues of culture because I'm spoiled and I'm Jewish and I'm from downtown.

Not everyone can say this has happened to them: Diane Keaton once mistook Lena Dunham for Judd Apatow's lesbian date at a Christmas party hosted by Jennifer Aniston. There's so many people recording the show as it happens.

Dunham shared the story on Monday night, in a conversation with Apatow hosted by the Film Society of Lincoln Center. I'd literally like people to watch my career end in real time. But yeah, you took me to a fancy Christmas party, it was not Bill Cosby's.

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