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One is "I am" (Aries) and the other is "I balance." Libra is the first sign cresting into the public Houses (7 to 12).

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Aries is the first sign that augurs Spring and bursts onto the scene in a fiery way.

Because Aries leaps before it looks, it's a sign of daring action, and initiating.

Libra is across the Zodiac from Aries, and that's why this pairing is called a polarity.

They're polar opposites, but are also compelled to be in relationship.

Aries and Libra are both That's why the Aries and Libra coupling is intense, in any relationship.

Aries has met his match in Libra, the sign that wields the sword of clarity.Aries is decisive, whereas Libra actively weighs its options, and sometimes that leads to dithering (and missing the moment).Aries and Libra are equinoctial signs of the Zodiac, writes Dane Rudhyar, in his book The Astrological Houses.They are cardinal signs that turn the solar seasons, but at the equinoxes are in momentary balance.One is Day-force (Aries) and the other is Night-force (Libra), and similar to the Chinese polarities Yang and Yin.Rudhyar writes, "Aries represents a straightforward movement of life toward a concrete, tangible, and personalized state of existence, because it is the nature of the Day-forces to seek manifestation through the differentiation and personalization at any level."That's a convoluted way of saying Aries is full of himself and a creative force.

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