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Ian Mc Ewan’s novel “Atonement” declared “a conversation with modernism and its dereliction of duty,” as a result he draws attention to his trepidation for modern history and the moral principles of fiction....[tags: Literature Review] - In Mc Ewan’s Atonement ventures into the lives of the Tallis sisters and the complexities that naivety and selfishness can inflict.

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She is seeking atonement for this horrible crime she committed against Robbie.

However, Briony is never able to achieve atonement.

Regardless of the efforts Briony makes, she cannot truly achieve atonement....

In Atonement, Mc Ewan depicts a family in turmoil over the lies of young Briony during World War II....

[tags: Literary Analysis] - Ian Mc Ewan’s novel Atonement depicts a story told from the perspectives of three of the main characters: Briony Tallis, Robbie Turner, and Cecelia Tallis.

Briony is the ultimate focus of the novel because her mission is atonement.

She almost single handedly convicted Robbie for the rape of her cousin, Lola Quincey.

- ’Self-reflection’ can be defined as a provisional means of exploration based upon the assertion that reality consists of objects and events.

As they are clear in “human consciousness” and not of anything independent of human conscious experience, where self becomes an object to oneself.


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