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Also busted was Darrin Ebron, a Baltimore DJ (above) who allegedly acted as a drug distributor for Brascom.

Ebron, known in Hollywood as the “poor man’s Puffy,” worked in the fashion and entertainment business and was the disc jockey when actor Eddie Murphy attempted to marry Tracey Edmonds in 2008 on an island off Bora Bora.

Charles Dwight Ransom Jr., 36, of Hollywood, another “CEO” of Behind da Scenes Entertainment, also allegedly shipped cocaine to his own distributors in Baltimore and shepherded cocaine shipments for Brascom.

He had recently shot a video with Diddy and was a guest at Justin Timberlake’s birthday party in Las Vegas. “They were using smaller model planes that don’t require a crew." “The coke was flown in suitcases.” Rob Villeza (U. Attorney) says the men would pull their limousines up to the plane and load their suitcases on the plane without any scrutiny.

In October, the 28-year-old music executive, who went by the nickname DP, bought a beautiful home in a gated community in L. “There are no security measures that will examine or inspect what is in your luggage,” adds Villeza. It can range from $20,000 to 50,000 a flight, depending on the flight.

But if you are flying cocaine worth millions of dollars, and your profit is substantially more than $50,000, you might determine it is a wise investment.” During a six-week period, the ring moved more than 390 kilograms of cocaine, and over $4 million in drug cash, according to court documents.

During that time, federal law-enforcement authorities intercepted 298 kilograms of cocaine and $1.1 million.

Myra Panache's book of original stories, "Book 1: Short Stories" has been released.

Titles include: "Ballin 4" "Downlow Escort" "Female Assassin" "Above Top Secret" "Inside The Life Of A ,000 Per Hour Call Girl" (Prequel to ,000 Per Weekend Call Girl), "Female Seeking Female" (Personal Ad Nightmare) and "Experiments." To order, click on the following link, Book 1: Short Stories by Myra Panache Ricky James Brascom (1st photo), a friend of Justin Timberlake and Diddy, allegedly used chartered jets to smuggle hundreds of pounds of cocaine and millions of dollars in drug money.

Brascom gave everyone the impression (including Diddy & Timberlake) that he was a major player in the hip-hop industry.

They had no idea he led a double life as a drug kingpin. As the CEO of Behind da Scenes Entertainment, he was well-known in the rap industry, and regularly hobnobbed with celebrities. He drove around in a 0,000 2010 Aston Martin Rapides and a 2009 BMW 750 Li. Cocaine shipments were flown out of Van Nuys Airport, Ontario International Airport, and LAX by Los Angeles pilot Leonardo Concepcion, who was employed by Star Jet.

These claims were proven false by Panache after an extensive investigation was completed, Dawn was also in the company our editor when she was allegedly spotted at a swingers establishment. Dre seems to be using this opportunity to promote his 3-year-old album, "The Dre Allen Project." His marriage to Dawn gave him the most publicity he has ever received in his career.

Dre also claims he was retaliating by this false rant because Dawn and her sister had been leaving negative myspace comments on his page. It's also been rumored that this is their second marriage (a remarriage).

Unfortunately, Dawn wasn't forewarned about the numerous problems Dre has had with various black women in Hollywood.


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