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We’ve never had a premiere like that before, so we were all just really excited that ABC was doing this special event.

And if there’s any person who would understand wanting to redeem mistakes in life, it would be Emma.

She’s made different kind of mistakes than Regina, but she’s made mistakes, and I think that there are similarities between them that Emma relates to.

Emma doesn’t want to see her lose the thing that she’s worked for and the parts of her that have been redeemed.

Emma realizes quite quickly that Elsa is misunderstood and is just trying to get her sister back and get her powers under control. Elsa is definitely helpful in terms of Emma starting to figure out ways to focus her power, control her power and try to use it as effectively as possible.

TVLINE What did you think of the decision to have Emma feel guilty over the whole Regina/Marian situation versus selflessly diving into her own new romance?

I think it’s accurate for her to feel really guilty about that.

All of us have spent a lot of time together now, the whole little team of us, and Regina’s come so far.

They’re really wonderful about giving us sketches in advance and things like that to show us a sense of what it will look like, but it’s still always a mystery until you actually see it.

RELATED From the promo, it looks like Emma and Elsa find themselves in a bit of a predicament this week, trapped in an ice cave.

What happens, and does it ultimately present a bonding experience for the two of them?

The crisis in the ice cave, combined with the many similarities that they share, makes Elsa and Emma fast friends.


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