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I have added the numbers in the left hand column to make it easier to reference while analyzing it. Another example would be if a friend asked you to “watch over” his house while he was out of town. In line #16, the writer crossed out the word “delivery.” The writer started to say that upon receiving the money he would “deliver” Jon Benet to her parents.

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This would exclude the Ramseys as possible suspects. The word “over” means God is spreading His watchful eye upon the earth.

Why would they kidnap their own child and demand money from themselves? However, if I say that God is watching me it becomes more personal.

If the note is fraudulent, then we know this was a murder made to look like a kidnapping. Let’s examine the ransom note left at the Ramsey’s residence. Even though He can see the entire world, He is focusing His attention on me.

If the police can match the handwriting in the ransom note to a suspect’s handwriting, the case is solved. Even without a positive match, the ransom note is still the key to solving this crime. arrange an earlier delivery of the money and hence a earlier 16. The writer could have stated, “The two gentlemen watching your daughter.” Extra words give us extra information.

Using Statement Analysis we can examine this ransom note and determine if it is a legitimate ransom note. in $100 bills and the remaining $18,000 in $20 bills. that you bring an adequate size attache to the bank. What is the difference between “watching over someone” and “watching someone?

Was it the intention of the writer to extort money from the Ramseys, or was the note written as a ploy after Jon Benet was killed? ” The best example I can think of is in reference to God.

Determining the veracity of the ransom note is important. If I say that God is watching over me, I visualize God keeping his distance.

From a review of the facts of this case one issue becomes clear. do not particularly like you so I advise you not to provoke them. Speaking to anyone about your situation, such as Police, F. He then realized that a kidnapper would not deliver the hostage but would tell the family where she could be found.

The parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, had a hand in the murder of this child. Thus, this issue must never be let to rest until the truth is confirmed. Ramsey retorts regarding her question about not his view of taking a lie detector test. His behavior is suspect, as is that of his former wife. The multi-million dollar defense contractor, who is seemingly indifferent to the death of his daughter? ‘My innocence, my attitude, my approach, my life…” Me, myself, and me – that’s it? There is a murdered child in her house, and she doesn’t even know about it until ‘someone else’ discovers her. Therefore, he changed it to “pick-up.” It is doubtful that a kidnapper would make this mistake.

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