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part matches the best to the given URL is returned (if no such key exists, the value for is used as a fallback).

When given just the section as name, do so for all the keys in the section and list them. For all options that output values and/or keys, always end values with the null character (instead of a newline).

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If the global or the system-wide configuration file are not available they will be ignored.

If the repository configuration file is not available or readable, % git config --bool --get-urlmatch http.sslverify https://good.true % git config --bool --get-urlmatch http.sslverify https://weak.false % git config --get-urlmatch http https://weak.http.cookie File /tmp/http.sslverify false The configuration variables are used by both the Git plumbing and the porcelains.

The variables are divided into sections, wherein the fully qualified variable name of the variable itself is the last dot-separated segment and the section name is everything before the last dot.

The variable names are case-insensitive, allow only alphanumeric characters and The file consists of sections and variables.

A section begins with the name of the section in square brackets and continues until the next section begins. Only alphanumeric characters, Colors (foreground and background) may also be given as numbers between 0 and 255; these use ANSI 256-color mode (but note that not all terminals may support this).

If your terminal supports it, you may also specify 24-bit RGB values as hex, like Other git-related tools may and do use their own variables.When inventing new variables for use in your own tool, make sure their names do not conflict with those that are used by Git itself and other popular tools, and describe them in your documentation. Only the existing values that match the regexp are updated or unset.If you want to handle the lines that do not match the regex, just prepend a single exclamation mark in front (see also [EXAMPLES]).Like --get-all, but interprets the name as a regular expression and writes out the key names.Regular expression matching is currently case-sensitive and done against a canonicalized version of the key in which section and variable names are lowercased, but subsection names are not.

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