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You might commonly use the program that opens when you click the big blue “e” icon on your desktop.

Here’s what it looks like: This “e” icon is not a shortcut to a generic “internet” or “Web” program.

It is a shortcut to a Web browser made by Microsoft, called “Internet Explorer” (also referred to as “IE”).

Everyone that accesses Web pages on a desktop computer uses a Web browser.

Without a Web browser you cannot view or interact with websites.

How do you personally access websites like Facebook and You Tube?

So if you’re like many people, you probably do these things every single week (and many of them even every day).

You’ve probably done all of these things yourself at some point.

Those are some of the most common tasks people perform on the World Wide Web.

But the browser you’re using could be limiting that potential.

In fact, in the design and development community, we spend countless hours every week discussing and researching the standards and practices that we know will make your experience on the Web infinitely greater.

We at Smashing Magazine, along with designers and developers worldwide, want you to have the absolute best possible experience on the Web.

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