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If like many people you're a bit jaded with the pub and club scene, New Friends4U is just one of many online dating websites for singles offering the facility for members to create a personal online dating profile.Not only do we offer online dating for singles but the opportunity to offer online social friends/penpals, and online sports & dating partners. Most households in the UK, Europe, United States, Australia and many other worldwide countries now have computers and are online, there's a good chance they'll come to the same conclusion as you, and start thinking about joining online dating websites The number of people you meet in the pub, bar and club is limited by how many people you can squeeze through the doors.

At New Friends4U we have thousands of members joining, with more and more new members coming online, from all over the UK, Europe, United States, Australia and the World.

So, if your perfect match lives halfway round the world (or even just fifty miles away), you stand more of a chance of meeting them online than at your local pub or club!

Our 'Advanced Search' facility allows you to search online dating and social members profiles using a variety of characteristics.

Using our 'Advanced Search' facility you can scan details of thousands of online members very rapidly.

We have received many unsolicited testimonials from satisfied members, who have used our online dating website tools to find new friends and even long term partners.

What we do know from feedback and experience is that active online dating and social members are more likely to achieve success compared to inactive online dating and social members.

The only way to change your world is to take action!

Imagine how long it would take you to find out personal details of everyone down at the pub or club : ) We have now made available further information to help members get the best opportunity for contact.

We have published articles such as How to Write a Winning Profile (so you can work out how to describe yourself as the unique individual that you are, and increase the chances of the right person finding you online :).

To find all our websites Guides see "Related Topics" below.

While we do our very best to encourage members to be active, and therefore increase their chances of meeting new friends online, it is very much down to individual members to maximise the use of our facilities.


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