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Born Dean Stanley Geyer on 20th March, 1986 in Johannesburg, South Africa and educated at Melbourne High School, he is famous for Australian Idol 2006 in a career that spans 2006–present.

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Regardless of relationship status, The Veronicas have been enjoying their latest achievements in the music world which include opening for 5 Seconds of Summer in America and having their self titled album drop on Friday.

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They also included a card that Tags: fur free, jessica origliasso, lisa origliasso, rachel gilbert, the veronicas "She's a really beautiful person inside and out…

I was in a good place and that's why I ended up in a good relationship. You've got to be ready to be in a great relationship. On Saturday, Amber Heard arrived super late for her deposition in her dramatic divorce and domestic violence case with Johnny Depp... Isn't the whole point of a deposition to answer questions under oath? Related: Johnny Is 'Stressed' About His Divorce & Desperate 'To Move On' Well, not only did Miz Heard not testify about anything, she was never in the same room as her former flame's lawyers, the videographer, and the court reporter. so what was she doing that entire time if she wasn't actually getting deposed?

Being with someone as beautiful and talented as Jess is you've gotta be real… Instead, the 30-year-old was in a nearby office, according to sources connected to the blonde.

We both understand what it's like to be not really understood.

We have that support for each other and understand what each other are going through. "She's brought a lot of sunshine in my life, but I was ready to receive it. If she'd met me a few years ago I don't know if I would have understood her, she's just such a unique person, there's not a lot of people I've ever met who are like her… It's been a hot second since we've seen or heard from The Veronicas. Tags: billy corgan, interview, jessica origliasso, lisa origliasso Even though it was pretty much already confirmed, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan revealed this weekend that he is seeing Veronicas singer Jessica Origliasso via various, super cutesy tweets on his Twitter page!

But, the Australian sisters are prepping to release new music very soon and we catch up on everything they've been up to - yes, that includes men. He wrote: "Looking forward to seeing @jessicaveronica tomorrow and all the wonderful presents she got for me in Sweden and Atlantic City!!! Love is: getting presents from someone who loves you!! If the world only knew how giving @jessicaveronica really is. " Doesn't he make you want to just squeeze a kitten? Hopefully the honeymoon period doesn't wear off too quickly! {"label Total":"Total","label Average":"Average","label Already Rated":"You have already rated this Babe","label Not Rated":["Rate this","Babe"],"label Gallery Rating":"Babe Rating","a Dom Result ID":"RATING_BABE_35776","a Type":"BABE","ismfo":false,"overlay":"default.png","average":0,"total Voted":0,"Has Been Rated":true,"a Id":35776,"use Spans":true} Lisa Origliasso is a Musician from Australia. She is listed on Free Ones since 2014 and is currently ranked 36468th place.She currently has 5 gallery links in her own Free Ones section.{"label Total":"Total","label Average":"Average","label Already Rated":"You have already rated this Babe","label Not Rated":["Rate this","Babe"],"label Gallery Rating":"Babe Rating","a Dom Result ID":"RATING_BABE_35775","a Type":"BABE","ismfo":false,"overlay":"default.png","average":0,"total Voted":0,"Has Been Rated":true,"a Id":35775,"use Spans":true} Jessica Origliasso is a Musician from Australia. She is listed on Free Ones since 2014 and is currently ranked 36058th place.I look outside, I see the bright sky, The open sea, the flowing trees, The sunray shining down on me, I look sideways, I see the highway, The empty road, the wind is cold, The air brushing on my face, It’s been so long, Since I’ve tried to make it go away, I know it’s gone, I just can’t stand the fact that it was here.


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