Outlook vote tracking not updating

They're on track for "at least" m EBITDA compared to last year's .9m.

On a simple proportional basis that's heading for around 7.6c EPS in H1 compared to 6c last year (only a few more shares in issue now than then). Which would thrash both this and next year's forecasts.

FYI, I e-mailed Ory and he confirmed XLM will be updating the market "by the end of this month".

RNS - good to see the CEO spending £88,000 exercising options at 49p and retaining all the resulting shares.

There are usually two reasons for this: - to minimise the immediate tax charge which crystallises on an option exercise if you believe the gain will be greater at a later date as the share price will be higher, especially if...

- you believe the share price will rise fairly soon.

Given the recent H1 trading statement and the (imo) extremely undervalued low share price this seems to me to be a pretty reasonable belief!

So Pennsylvania will become the fourth state to legalise internet gambling...which is very good news for XLM: ')" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"Http://abc27.com/2016/07/13/pennsylvania-legislature-prepares-tax-bill-vote/ "CASINO GAMBLING EXPANSION: Assumes $100 million from gambling legislation that is on hold until the fall, primarily from licensing fees for legalizing internet gambling." The results pointed out that XLM had already entered into hedging agreements for the next 12 months which would mitigate material exposure to foreign currencies.

And the euro (the majority of XLM's revenues) has risen slightly against the dollar this year, which will benefit XLM.XLM's results in dollars will now look much better when translated into sterling, and of course the dividend will be that much higher now after translation.Today's RNS notes: "XLMedia has maintained its excellent start to 2016 with strong demand for services reported across the Group's geographic footprint", and "current trading remains in line with management's expectations".Since the latest forecast is for 7.92p EPS, with a 3.85p dividend, at 69p the share price looks a bargain - especially with a m cash pile to spend on acquisitions.The strategic review has been completed, and XLM will continue on AIM, so hopefully the share price will now start to respond with a re-rating.Http://com/news/2016/04/online-gambling-proposed-in-michigan "Online Gambling proposed in Michigan 29 April, 2016 In good news for the industry, an online gambling bill has been introduced to the Michigan State Senate.


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