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Danielle voiced a concern that seems prevalent among single women these days: “I’ve been dating Rick for a year, and he’s lots of fun. He’s always playing laser tag, poker, and video games with his friends. He’s had three low-level jobs since I’ve known him. Is it too much to ask for a guy who is both fun to be with and a responsible human being? Lest you think this is a male-bashing article that lumps all men together as immature and irresponsible, hold on.


Atmosphere well it was a Sunday night around 9pm , so very quite, and plenty of room and speedy service. Many thanks for your review Simon and hope to see you again.

Just show your ticket, order two pizzas and the cheapest is free. Being a pizza fan thought we wiuld try this as it looked hopefull but sadly the staff and atrention to detail and the food were all poor. However, I started to notice peoples plates were not finished when they were cleared from the table, with a lot of black pizza crust left on the plate. The stonebake oven left the crust burnt and inedible in places.

It was a wet mid week so hardly any customers but the staff were slow to acknowledge our entrance and then when we ordered drinks took ages to bring them due to the two girls chatting to eat other. After waiting over 30 minutes for our pizzas, they arrived hot and fresh. The toppings were all centrally placed and not spread out evenly.

Next the food , a simple margarita pizza without Basil for me well after a very long wait having also oreder a pizza for my wife and garlic bread a a starter it all comes together with an apology the they forgot the garlic bread. For me and my colleagues this was an great experience. We went into this restaurant as it was conveniently located for the Brighton Centre around the corner. My partners cheese pizza ended up as a cold wad of cheese in the middle part of the pizza by the end of his attempt at eating it!

My pizza also had basil so had to go back , my wifes base was burnt black. I had so many capers (i love), I had to leave a lot of them on the plate and the amount of water on the pizza left the base soggy..

Staff not interested and if you look at other reviews it seems thar burnt is often the norm , AVOID Came here at lunch time and we had the restaurant to ourselves! Good pizza, however VIP still remains my favourite. The ingredients were good quality but the execution was a disaster! The tomato sauce was not that good and the dough lacked in flavour but the structure of the pizza was well done. Expensive for a bit of dough with a handful of a few ingredients dumped in the middle. The menu was very limited to basic choices of only pizza. We tried others but the quality of produce they use here is not as cheap as the price. never cleaned the plates from the table when dessert arrıved had to stack them ourselves...They made us special lamb leg meal & kebab meals which were amazing. Do not let the huge range of dishes put you off, they are really good. The staff go out of their way to make you comfortable and are friendly and professional. We have been here 2 weeks and have eaten here 6 time in the eve and lost count on the breakfast, my husband is really fussy when it comes to eating and he was confident on eating here he knows his currys and says their is good, I enjoyed the Turkish menu and could not fault them on anything, 100% rating on service, value and food, you can't go wrong eating here.

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