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By KATTA MAPES The three-day Pima Writers’ Workshop is not just a workshop: It is also an opportunity to pitch literature face to face with an author or literary agent.Director Meg Files has once again coordinated with authors and agents from across the nation to join the workshop faculty.For the cost of 0, anyone can attend the workshop and consult with an author or agent to review their manuscript if they register by May 13.

For more information, call the PCC Continuing Education department at 206-6468 or email Meg Files at [email protected]

By EDDIE CELAYA Imagine moving to a new country in your teens.

The country isn’t entirely friendly toward migrants and its inhabitants speak a language foreign to you.

Some of the notable faculty include these award-winning authors: • Tom Leveen writes primarily young adult literature such as “Zero,” “Sick” and “Shackled.” • Priyanka Kumar is the author of “Take Wing and Fly Here,” the first book in her “New West Trilogy.” • Kevin Canty is the author of several novels and short story collections.

A prominent agent, Regina Brooks, will be representing her agency, Serendipity Literary Agency LCC, from New York.

She is the founder and president of the agency, which represents writers of adult and young adult fiction, nonfiction and children’s literature.

Other faculty members include Lee Abbott, Nancy Mairs, Nahid Rachlin, Carolyn Wright and literary agents from both the east and west coasts.

The Pima Writers’ Workshop is a noncredit class, WRT 705 or CRN 60837 for registration.

Those interested can register at any Pima Community College campus in person, call 206-6468 or request a mail-in form from Files at [email protected]


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