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Pet Memorial Space Flights At long last, you can send your deceased pet’s remains into space thanks to Celestis Pets, “the world’s first pet memorial spaceflight service.” The company, which already offers a similar service for human remains, expanded into the pet market this summer.Services range from the basic “Earth Flight,” in which only a symbolic portion of the pet’s cremated remains are sent skyward before returning to earth, to the top-of-the-line “Voyager,” which for ,500 takes the remains into the deepest space for eternity.Pet Dating Services The covered the rise of pet-friendly dating services such as Pets and You Must Love Dogs Dating.com, where like-minded pet-loving singles are supposed to find matches.

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recently reported on some of the latest ways New Yorkers are giving their dogs the very best, including organic artisanal food and the hiring of specialized dog trainers.

Not simply traditional trainers who will do the basics like teach a dog to sit, but ones who will run pooches throughout a calorie-burning workout like personal trainers do with humans.

Other trainers give dogs swimming and Frisbee-catching lessons, or teach them tricks like taking their own selfies with an i Pad.

In recent years, pet owners have been tempted—perhaps guilted—into treating their beloved dogs and cats to products and services that run the gamut from $350 doggie strollers to pet tattoos, luxury doghouses , and gourmet pet cuisine.

And how can anyone forget about the fitness-tracking dog collar and the Grumpy Cat-endorsed line of bottled coffee?

(The latter was created for human consumption, natch.) At some point, it would seem like pet marketers simply must run out of every dog-gone idea under the sun.

But based on American pet spending—a total of billion last year, and forecasts call for billion in 2014—for entrepreneurial players in the pet economy, the best time to roll out new pet-related products and services is always right meow.

(Warning: Once your dog knows this one, your i Pad will bear traces of a wet nose.

But the resulting images are probably worth it.) In-Home Pet Suites Home builders such as Standard Pacific Homes now offer optional in-home pet suites as part of new construction designs.

“The optional pet suite can be customized with a pet shower and removable shower head, built-in cabinetry and other conveniences,” a brochure for one design in a residential community in southern California explains.

Pet suites add an average of ,000 to a home, but more extravagant ones, with flat-screen TVs and a pet door that opens up to a dog run, can go up to ,000, the noted.

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