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And unlike the best of the college experience, when ideas and solutions somehow seem attainable if you just get up early, stay up late, try hard enough, and find the right source or method, things on the outside sometimes seem vast and impossible … I mention playing the slots and losing a little money. I’m not much of a gambler.) And all this served as an introduction to thoughts about how writers take risks, so it remained informative and focused on the reader. You probably know that one person who is always willing to help, no matter what you need. Because you know they’ll say “yes” when most others will say no. I show a photo of me standing in front of the famous welcome sign on a sweltering afternoon. Again, think about the people in your personal life. After all, people are not coming to your blog just to acquire knowledge. For example, in a recent Pro Copy Tips post, I mentioned that I visited Las Vegas for my sister’s wedding. The people who run these blogs are constantly thinking about how they can help you.

If you’re desperate for success, that desperation will show. From that day forward, every post was about their product.

supporters are launching their very own dating site. Now there is a dating site exclusively for Sanders supporters.

Fans of the Democratic presidential candidate who are hoping to "Feel the Bern" of love can head over to Bernie Bernie crashed Wednesday after administrators said it “went viral” and reached 1,000 members “in less than an hour,” but they are working to restore it.

People don’t like to be lectured or talked down to. And a blog is really a form of conversation between you and your readers. The economy is crappy and their life is full of responsibility. Be polite even when a reader makes the occasional stupid remark or a troll flames you for no good reason. You have to think pretty highly of yourself to assume other people want to hear what you have to say day after day. Why do you visit Copyblogger or Lifehacker or Chris Brogan, or any of the other top blogs?

And if I were to break this down into specific tips, I’d say there are 7 secrets for making your blog (and you) more popular. You don’t have to tell jokes, but it’s smart to keep things light-hearted. James always has a lot of fun when writing a post, and her sense of humor makes the information more readable and entertaining. Their desk is groaning under the weight of all their projects. If anyone gets out of control on your blog, don’t bicker about it. When you think about it, blogs are really kind of egotistical. You want to share enough of yourself to make a connection, but still keep your focus on your audience.) Isn’t this the whole point of a blog, especially one that’s wildly popular?

I mean, have you ever had someone get a crush on you and start trailing you like a puppy? It’s like dating: there’s a fine line between wooing someone and stalking them. No matter how much you want success, just remember that it comes fast for some and slower for others. Did you ever wonder why some blogs attract tons of readers and others don’t? You think it’s great, and you want lots of other people to think it’s great too. And becoming a popular person isn’t just a matter of fate or genes. I’m not saying content isn’t important when you’re creating a popular blog. Because if you’re reading this blog, you almost certainly have a blog of your own. There are lots of reasons why people flock to certain blogs, but I think one of the most important is that popular blogs are written by popular people — the sort of people who attract others. When giving the commencement speech to the Vassar class of 1983, Meryl Streep said this: Real Life is actually a lot more like high school. Content for the best blogs is almost always top-notch, interesting, and informative — and that takes work. Think about the most popular person you know in your personal life. These things could be part of it, but don’t you also know popular people who aren’t the smartest, the most skilled, or the best-educated? What we watch on our screens, whom we elect, are determined to a large extent by public polls. In other words, success isn’t necessarily about competence.

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