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Many schools recognise these problems and work to create an environment of fun, creativity, and independence.

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Many schools use high technology devices to encourage learning enthusiasm.

Despite the flaws, schools are special places where your best childhood memories reside.

You'd remember meeting your best childhood friend at school.

They are expected to memorise and recite eloquent poetry when they are just developing their vocabulary.

There is always a pressure to get good grades, excel in sports and arts, and also be social and friendly.

Class bullies make life miserable for most of the timid kids.

Is it any wonder that kids prefer the cosy comfort of their home to the demanding world of school?

By Simran Khurana Back when I was at school, I remember hating the daily chore of completing homework, studying for tests, and waking up early.

However, when I look back today, I find that the most memorable days of my life were my school days. One look at the bawling toddlers, grumpy kids, and surly teens just outside school gates will tell you that fact.

There is so much pressure inside the walls of a school room.

In most schools, kids are taught to read, write and count far before their motor skills are well developed.

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