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Also, the bill has now entered in to the equation, making for me, yet another problem to deal with.

For the bill problems, I have to call Centurylink itself, and when doing so, I get a different story from each and every customer service rep that I am in contact with.

I recently was sent to the "Retention" department, to help resolve my bill, and to keep me as a customer, I suppose.

It is with this man, in La Crosse, WS that my bill amount was determined, credits applied for all of the bad service and time down, etc.

For months and months, I have had TV and internet problems.

I've had to spend hours and hours on the phone while their Prism TV "technicians" try to find the problem from their office, usually in LA, when I'm in Floirda.After I get the "tier 1" technicians, its inevitable that they will pass me on to the "tier" 2 technicians, this, after being on hold for yet another interminable amount of time.The bulk of my monthly cell phone minutes goes to trying to solve the problems of the lousy Centurylink service I have.Well, lo and behold, the next month bill comes out, and BAM!!Its 30 dollars MORE than what the retention person and I settled on!!! I still have not received any satisfaction, and I now get the excuses of "well that service went up, the box rental went up, the internet went up", and on and on and on!!This is the most maddening service I've ever had in my lifetime!

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