Rachel mcadams currently dating

You see, our film and TV actress only dates men with whom she works…

Rachel mcadams currently dating

While there might be more men that we don’t know about, here is a list of Maggie Q’s alleged work conquests: Justin Long, Actor, (no shock there), and became engaged after dating for only four months. Congratulations to Scumby for being first with the correct answer!

And thanks to Notgonnahappen for pulling together the list.

We had actually forgotten about one or two of those guys!

And she doesn’t care if they are married, single, or engaged.

She has picked her target on her current project (a TV show), so everyone is breathing a sigh of relief. At least this time she is picking someone who isn’t married!

When she flaunted a relationship she had with a married coworker a couple of years ago, she broke up his marriage, created drama on the set, and gave herself the reputation as quite the little home wrecker.Actress: Costar: TV Show: Actress: Margaret Quigley a.k.a.Maggie Q Costar: Dylan Mc Dermott TV Show: costar, actor Dylan Mc Dermott.Before Dylan, Maggie used whatever set she was working on as her dating pool. One of her most egregious conquests was a married dolly grip (cameraman) from who had a wife and a young toddler at home.Maggie Q made sure that photos of her straddling and kissing the cameraman went to the wife, and told the wife that he was “unhappy and not living his truth.” Nice, right?That kind of behavior is straight out of the Julia Roberts/Leann Rimes School of Homewrecking! Now that Maggie Q is off the market, wives and girlfriends all over Hollywood are breathing a sigh of relief.

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