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Consider the following data carefully and think clearly.

In other words, do not allow any gross emotional reaction while reading, to interfere with your ability to reason.

Before we get into the material, let me introduce myself.

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Kline team of the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum, MT).

39,230 years before the present, with error of maybe +/- 140 years 30,110 ” ” ” ” +/- 80 yrs .

Apatosaurus (thought to have gone extinct by about 150 million years ago) A test was done on scrapings taken from an rib found in clay soil in Colorado, in 20, in 150 Ma (late Jurassic) strata.

I am still learning about carbon-14 dating (as of early February of 2015), but I have noticed a misconception held by some journalists: Radiocarbon Dating Cannot Prove Millions of Years of age Let’s begin with the words of Paul B.

Farrell, a journalist who writes for C dating) cannot place any time frame on anything close to a million years, let alone “65 million years ago.” The maximum age it can date is in tens-of-thousands of years, about a tenth of 1% of the age that Mr. Perhaps Farrell was thinking of other radiometric dating methods and simply confused them with carbon-14 dating. But if I understand what he was trying to portray in his article from which the above words were taken, I would advice him to avoid ridiculing the intelligence of a group of people with whom he disagrees in philosophy. Farrell was wrong, in one sentence, by a factor of about 1,000 times.

Well, that would be understandable, except that none of the other methods of radiometric dating can be done directly on any fossil. Dinosaur Bones Dated Recently All scientists can agree that C dating cannot give us any knowledge of when something lived, if that life was over a million years ago.

So why use that method for dating dinosaur fossils?

Simple: Some scientists believe that dinosaurs lived much more recently.

In fact, some researchers believe that dinosaurs and pterosaurs lived in human times, the source of some legends of dragons. Yes, in two ways: Most of the dating tests were done in recent years, and the results showed that the dinosaur bones tested were alive (parts of living dinosaurs) only tens of thousands of carbon-dated years ago. 31,050 years BP with an error range of +230/-220 years 36,480 years BP, +560/-530 . The bone was found in Colorado, in Cretaceous strata.


  1. Consider the following data carefully and think clearly.

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