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If you are looking for dating advice or possibly some motivation to get your life back on track, you've come to the right place. The best relationship and dating advice on the Internet. the Love Logic Forums The Love Logic Relationship and Dating Advice forums and Blog. Not only do we have an advice forum, we also have free blogging that our members can use and update whenever they want. Not into blogging, how about our new Social Groups.

We have a wide variety to choose from including the latest movie reviews to cooking. Using our new invitations feature, you can easily tell your friends about us.

Our forum is not only an advice forum, but a social one as well. If you have any questions about our forum or its feature, please feel free to contact us.

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We are excited to be part of the web community and hope you find this site extremely helpful.

We offer some of the best relationhip advice and dating forums online today.

Why get lost on a site that doesn't give you the individual attention that the Love Logic can?

To register: click here After you have registered, pick a category or topic of interest which you would like to submit a question or comment and click the "New Thread Button". After you have created your question or comment, submit it to the community by clicking the "Submit New Thread" button.

Your new thread will then be added under the category you posted in the order it was received.

Shortly thereafter, someone within our community will reply to your thread. You can post your question or comment within any of our numerous categories.

You will find that the Love Logic only provides the best relationship advice around.

Regardless of your current situation or whatever you are going through, we offer the best relationship and dating advice on the Internet.

The best part about our site is that it is absolutely free. Just choose the forum that best suits your situation and your off an running.

You don't have to feel alone if you are going through a rough time dealing with a breakup or troubled relationship. Our relationship advice and dating forum has over 40 different categories to choose from. Feel free to browse or join in current discussions and give us your opinion.

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