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Two doses of MCV4 are recommended for adolescents 11 through 18 years of age: the first dose at 11 or 12 years of age, with a booster dose at age 16.

Adolescents in this age group with HIV infection should get three doses: 2 doses 2 months apart at 11 or 12 years, plus a booster at age 16.

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Children with certain medical conditions, such as lack of a spleen, have an increased risk of getting meningococcal disease.

College freshmen living in dorms are also at increased risk.

Meningococcal infections can be treated with drugs such as penicillin.

Meningococcal disease is a serious bacterial illness.

It is a leading cause of bacterial meningitis in children 2 through 18 years old in the United States.

Meningitis is an infection of the covering of the brain and the spinal cord.Meningococcal disease also causes blood infections. About 1,000–1,200 people get meningococcal disease each year in the U. Even when they are treated with antibiotics, 10–15% of these people die.Still, many people who get the disease die from it, and many others are affected for life.This is why preventing the disease through use of meningococcal vaccine is important for people at highest risk.Both vaccines can prevent 4 types of meningococcal disease, including 2 of the 3 types most common in the United States and a type that causes epidemics in Africa.There are other types of meningococcal disease; the vaccines do not protect against these.

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