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So rather than lament evidence we do not have, let’s look at the wealth of in-hand evidence from Morhiss Mound, mindful that most of the material and documentation from the site has yet to be fully analyzed and reported.The mounded appearance of the knoll formed long before humans set foot on the site.

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Within the ancient terrace deposits at Morhiss were scattered fossil animal bones.

These are known to paleontologists as Rancholabrean (Pleistocene) fauna including such Ice-Age animals as horse, mammoth, camel, and sloth.

All of these creatures became extinct by 10,000 years ago.

The WPA work showed that these bones were in secondary context, meaning that they were washed down the river from where the animals died and from where the bones had originally fossilized.

In the Late Pleistocene, the fossil bones had become incorporated within the layers of sand, clay, and gravels that formed the ancient terrace deposits.

Fossil camel foot bone on the left and a fossilized fragment of a large long bone (perhaps mammoth) found in the "transition zone" at the base of Morhiss Mound.

These bones were in secondary context and had washed downstream from some original souce.

Unraveling the evidence from Morhiss Mound remains a challenge.

From today’s perspective we realize that the site’s formation processes, cultural history, and material remains would have been very challenging to understand.

The archeologists of the 1930s had a limited understanding of the age and nature of the prehistoric archeological record they encountered and followed excavation and analysis methods we consider rudimentary today.

To be fair, the same could be said (and often is) about most earlier archeological investigations when viewed with the hindsight of succeeding decades.


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