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some of the hot hunks use to tease more saying after ur marriage better allow your wife to work so that she gets hot men for fun.i used to be very angry initially, but later on i started fantasizing the cuckolding part more and started loving it. i was in a well settled IT job and had many financial assets. akshara was 22 just completed college and was placed as HR in a private firm.

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the man was really watching her this time ogling her helplessly.

I was enjoying this sight very much, i cud see his sexy large cock ready to explode under his undies.

he couldn’t resist anymore, he came near my wife and smiled and started talking. he was wearing just undies and had a great muscle packed body.

i was there inside the pool and she came, many of them started ogling at her 38 sized boobs. When she came inside the pool, i saw a negro man standing there and ogling her. so i said her the same and said lets play little game and tease our black man here.

she smiled naughtily and went outside the pool as per my instruction.

she sat on the chair near him and streched her both legs and arms in a relaxed portion.

it revealed her sexy armpits with small hairs and tight boobs pumping thorugh her cleavage.

Hi everyone i am suresh a 26 year old married bhramin guy.

i used to fantasies cuckolding rit from wen i was it started?

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