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Max tells her he got into MIT and Naomi is crushed.

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A BLAST FROM THE PAST - Annie (Shenae Grimes) convinces Marla (guest star Sally Kellerman, "MASH") to attend a Hollywood movie premiere of one of Marla's old films, while Ryan (Ryan Eggold) has an unexpected visitor and Teddy (Trevor Donovan) catches Marco (guest star Freddie Smith) in a lie and begins to wonder if he is being cheated on.

Naomi (Anna Lynne Mc Cord) finds out Max (guest star Josh Zuckerman) was accepted to a college in a different state, while Silver (Jessica Stroup) has a breakdown after receiving some upsetting news that causes Navid (Michael Steger) and Dixon (Tristan Wilds) to stage an intervention.

Jessica Lowndes, Matt Lanter, Gillian Zinser and Lori Loughlin also star.

around him and makes constant excuses when he invites him out.

embarrassment when she forgot her lines, that one day she might even forget to bathe and wants to die with dignity, and that she was only investigating that’s all.

Navid stops by Silver’s and she explains being rejected from NYU, she’s in bed crying, she accuses him of being jealous and orders him out be he asks her if she took her medicine cause she isn’t acting like herself, she gets even angrier and kicks him out.

Naomi is too nervous to open the letter from CU so she makes Max open it for her and she got in!

Naomi is wearing her lucky thong to help her get into the right college.

Silver is acting manic and tells the guys that she basically got into NYU and is just waiting for feedback from her interview.

Silver mentions to the others that she called Christopher from the university she wants to go to which Navid doesn’t agree. Matthews is in daddy mode as he and Debbie are babysitting his son Jack.

Teddy goes to pick Marco for sushi, as his date Teddy is becoming suspicious when he’s avoiding calls from an “Eric”.


  1. Max tells her he got into MIT and Naomi is crushed.

  2. Max says they should try a long distance relationship.

  3. Naomi wants to make the most of the time they have left together.

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