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What group of women magically erases the poor educational, employment and economic outcomes typical for Black men and boys? Black boys raised by white women do just as well as white children raised by white women, controlling for variables like socioeconomic status, education, income, etc. There are a couple of theories the researchers measuring this phenomenon posit: some are simple, and some are much more complex. Those speech patterns allow Black boys to avoid a wage penalty as men.Black boys raised by white mothers tend to have distinctively white, rather than Black speech patterns. White mothers have an entirely different approach to education, teachers and the school system, and are treated differently by the school system, no matter what race their children are.

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I want to flip the question over and ask, rather than ‘what are white women doing right and what advantages do they have’, to ‘what are Black women doing wrong and why are they doing it wrong’?

What the hell do I know about how and why Black women raise their children the way they do? But I don’t subscribe to , a feminist theory that claims you can only really know your own experience, and attempting to understand another person’s experience is racist and supremacist. There are these things called books that anyone can read.

Amazing how much a book, written by a person who has had a particular experience or spent a lot of time thinking about a particular experience, can convey.

The book that came to mind was Melissa Harris-Perry’s .

In that book, Harris-Perry spends a lot of time talking about how the myth of the strong Black woman impacts the daily lives of Black women, and how much they feel the need to live up to this deeply damaging stereotype.

I think this myth is ground zero in the major difference between white and Black mothers.

It’s the reason Black women do a shit job with their sons.

Remember when I wrote an article showing that researching racial differences in IQ is not axiomatically racist?

That article got quite a bit of traffic, and still does, and it amazes me how many people failed and continue to fail to get the point: I posited that nutritional differences explained differences in IQ between white and Black Americans not because I think nutritional difference do, in fact, account for the IQ gap, but rather to demonstrate that any subject, including race and IQ, can be researched without being automatically and irrevocably racist.

A new study has been published that offers a new explanation for the enormous achievement gaps between white and Black boys and men.

It turns out that when Black boys are raised by one group of women, the achievement gap disappears, so there goes the ‘genetic basis for IQ differences’ argument.

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