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My parents were young when I was born, and I always wanted to be a relatively young parent," Sarah said. "I envisioned myself with a couple of children and a home of our own by the time I was thirty," she said.

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As a single parent of two boys who lost their dad to cancer three years ago, I have entered the dating arena with a great deal of trepidation and caution.

I have been through all the therapy with the kids, have taken time to make sure I am not replacing my husband and have been through most of the grieving process (knowing that there will always be hard days and the kids' emotional state has to be taken into account).

I have been reading the forums here for a while and love the discourse--some great advice and different perspectives are evident.

So my question, is there a difference in approach from men when they see a widow as opposed to a divorced or never been married mom?

Are they less inclined to date or is this seen as a dealbreaker? Divorced has an irritant from an ex that keeps pestering or access issues to the kids. And before things get serious make sure that he's aware of the loss. I was dumfounded when she got up and left saying "I can't do this".

Sarah is now trying to determine God's plan for her life.

She's looking into doing some volunteer work at a local crisis pregnancy center and working to develop her writing skills – neither of which was part of her original plans.

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