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In my circles, the topic of Catholic dating comes up regularly or, more specifically, the topic of why there is often a lack of dating among young Catholics.

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Be aware of who you’re dating: If you already see some not-so-great sides of your partner, it may be time to move on.

For instance, if you want a serious relationship and love, but he just wants to “Netflix and chill,” be smart and to what he says.

“Ladies, you can’t change a man’s mind,” Oshima explains.

On this week’s Single in Stilettos show, founder and matchmaker Suzanne Oshima talks to dating expert and relationship author Tinzley Bradford about how to be a smarter dater.

“I do what I do because I love to help women be better!

” Bradford, writer of Here are Bradford’s three best pieces of expert dating advice to help you be a smarter dater: 1.Be observant: “I’m a strong believer in watching what people do versus what they say,” the dating expert reveals.Related Link: Relationship Advice About True Love 3.Don’t overstress: You don’t have to go on a date every night or even every weekend. “Date yourself sometimes,” Bradford shares of this piece of expert dating advice.Last week an article I posted about Catholic men and dating went a little viral.This week a Catholic gal (who wished to remain anonymous) responds with some suggestions for avoiding common Catholic dating faux pas.

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