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I guess really acceptance in India of pre-marital sex is just a personal thing. But as far as the legal aspect, it’s legal after 15.

Pre-Marital Sex Up until 2009, when Delhi High Court ordered decriminalization of gay sex, India had laws against homosexual sexual relationships.

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You would meet and talk with them for what could be just a couple of times, and then get married.

While there are still arranged marriages, nowadays parents are giving into their children’s more contemporary style of dating – but slowly.

People of Indian upbringing can be set in the traditional ways of their ancestors. “When two adult people want to live together, what is the offence. Living together is not an offence, it cannot be an offence.

In India, more than a quarter of young adults have premarital sex.

Boy’s average 1st sexual experience age -17.4 Girl’s average 1st sexual experience age -18.2.

People with strong religious beliefs or people in rural areas with strong traditional views are not too fond of pre-marital sex.

Some are not even comfortable with lip lock until a long relationship occurs, much less sex. that it is not customary for an Indian bride and groom to kiss on their wedding day!

Indian teens will go out with a group of friends, which will include both males and females, and let the group help them get to know someone over time of whom they might take a liking to. Living together is a fundamental right under Article 21, Constitution of India”.

**It is very different from the normality's of dating in the U. Here it is very common for a boy to pick up a girl at her house and then go on a date. Dating Patterns & Contemporary Dating Single men cannot take part in any kind of religious or marriage events because it is unholy or unlucky. In many cases, if a women is not married, others assume that there is something wrong with her; she’s difficult to get along with, or she can’t compromise. But, I would think that the number is on the rise due to the younger generations waiting to find “love marriages” instead of arranged, and more couples are cohabiting. Traditionally in India, cohabitation had been taboo (forbidden by custom).

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