dating in site usa web - Steps to prevent dating violence

Also be aware of symptoms of depression or anxiety, as these are often a result of dating violence.

Finding warning signs is a great start, but ignoring them will not help solve the problem.

February is Teen Dating Violence Prevention Month, so it’s important we talk about not only what teen dating violence is, but how people can get involved in prevention.

Note: This is not something we as a society should only spend a month focusing on; it deserves constant prevention efforts and attention.

It is also important to realize dating violence happens to young people and teenagers.

In fact, one in five teenage girls and 10% of teenage boys experienced some form of dating violence in 2015.

There is also a National Dating Abuse Hotline you can call.

Help people understand what teen dating violence is and the symptoms.

Hand out flyers, research it more, get involved at a women’s shelter in your community, help people know more about teen dating violence so they can help someone who could be in an abusive relationship.

Teen dating violence is physical, sexual, psychological, emotional violence or stalking by a former or current partner.

So often when we as a society hear the word “violence,” we automatically assume it’s physical, but violence comes in many forms.

It is important to remember, recognize and prevent other forms of violence as well.

Here are 5 ways you can bring awareness to and prevent teen dating violence: If you notice someone around you is starting to have multiple injuries, a drop in grades or motivation or loss of interest in hobbies this could be a result of dating violence.


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