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(University of Bath Study, 2005) Statistics show that internet dating is big business with leading sites such as Yahoo Personals and drawing in 4.9 million visitors and 4.2 million visitors respectively in January 2004 alone.

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The number of internet dating sites is continually growing and has become a very successful and effective business.

It is estimated that around 6 million people in Britain belong to an internet dating site.

Certainly the stigma which was attached to internet dating a few years ago seems to have passed.

There has always been a stigma attached to women dating younger men, making it feel, well, not quite right.

Society teaches us that women should be with someone senior to them, which in some ways makes sense, but conforming to everything society says isn’t always the best… We say, it’s okay to date a younger guy and here’s why: 1.

Mutual Attraction Obviously, mutual attraction is important, and if you and a younger guy happen to like each other than that’s great. Bonds If you and the younger guy have a strong bond that can’t be denied, don’t resist.Physically feeling something for someone is natural and you shouldn’t be ashamed as long as he’s of age…legally, we mean. Spicy Romance Sometimes your life could use some extra spice, and if a younger guy can do that for you then why not? Generation Gap Depending on the age difference, there can sometimes be a generational gap. When you bond with someone take it as a sign that it was meant to be. Personality Match Finding someone who is compatible with your unique personality can be a challenge. Right and he happens to be a couple of years younger it’s okay–go with the flow and good things will happen. Conversational Energy Sometimes, finding someone who you can truly relate to and talk with on a deeper level is difficult.This doesn’t have to be a bad thing — think of it as a learning experience from which you can gain insight into new aspects of life. If your younger guy can keep you engaged in an intellectually stimulating conversation for hours at a time then he is definitely a keeper; especially if he meets all of the aforementioned criteria. The Stars Are Doing It Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere in the middle of Alaska, it’s safe to say that you very well know that Demi Moore is dating Ashton Kutcher and that Mariah Carey is married to Nick Cannon.Hollywood is sprinkled with similar relationship dynamics like Madonna and her recent pet, Jesus Luz…In recent years ‘internet dating’ has become very popular for a number of reasons, mainly due to its ease and convenience.In a world where single people often have little time to socialise and find it hard to meet like minded people the internet has provided a link to the world of dating and romance.


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  2. Learn to speak in sound bites, or short sentences with a lot of facts and meaning.

  3. Posting appealing pictures is an essential first step to creating an engaging online dating profile but not the only step. The idea is to now jump off the page and become more than another pretty/handsome face.

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