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My first thought when contemplating dating was, because in the past I’d tried JDate, e Harmony, Chemistry, Match, and Nerve, all to great disappointment and sometimes even despair.

My experience with online dating thus far had been that the guys I liked didn’t like me back, and the guys who did like me made me want to flee the state and join the Dating Protection Program.

And the site itself has a kind of fun, light, whimsical personality, which is the attitude I want to adopt towards dating this time around. ” through tears, driven to online dating by a devastating breakup and the fear that I’d be alone forever.

Ready to take the next step, or any step at all, I decided that this site would be my foray back into online dating. Searching for some inspiration, I looked through my old online dating profiles, hoping I could just copy and paste. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve dropped down from the land of all caps, exclamation points, and italics, into a deeper, more grounded place.

But reading through paragraphs I’d written about myself four, five, and six years ago, I cringed, knowing I had come a long way and a lot of those words no longer rang true. I’ve lost some of my relentlessly cheerful optimism, and gained hard-won self-acceptance, authenticity, and wisdom.

In my old dating profiles, I was , exclamation points!!! So while some of what I’d written in my old online dating profiles still applied, I decided to start from scratch and write something that truly reflected who and where I am in my life right now.

And that meant no trying to present some hyped-up, enthusiastic dater, all caps image of myself.

It meant being brutally honest at all costs, and most importantly, .I started by telling little sentence-long stories about myself that would hopefully reveal something about who I am. ” the words beckoned under the Self Summary section of my brand new, totally blank Ok Cupid profile.Armed with a Diet Coke and a new resolve, I was actually signing up for online dating, something I hadn’t done in three years.And not because I was in a relationship during that time, but because for the most part I wasn’t dating, first by default and later having decided to take a deliberate break.After a long dating hiatus, when January rolled around this year I finally felt like I was ready to dive back into the dating pool.

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