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18 ways to get experimenting with science classes, including mission impossible, the yuck factor and pop culture.

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One envelope explains that canisters containing liquid have become detached from their holding cells. On each of the group tables, set up a tray with different materials, measuring equipment, thermometers and other science equipment that will help the children carry out their investigation.

Each time an agent opens an envelope, time is given to discuss how they can keep the liquid warm, at which point play the Mission Impossible film music.

Once pupils come up with a plan, open a briefcase complete with canisters and allow them to carry out experiments.

I filled canisters with water and green food colouring, and my pupils came up with a range of ideas to keep the liquid warm; the common method was insulating the beakers.

One group wrapped foil around it because they had seen it used at home.

Enliven teaching about the insulating properties of materials by filling a pair of washing-up gloves with water, knotting the ends and freezing.

Take the frozen hands into school and remove the gloves.

For the first Resource of the Week of 2014 I thought we’d go for something a bit different!

Maths Speed Dating provides an excellent, innovative way of spicing up revision lessons.


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