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Together these skills allow her to find and nurture romantic relationships for her clients, and often help improve their platonic relationships as well.

More information can be found out about Maria at Maria The Date and Dale Koppel the author of "THE INTELLIGENT WOMAN'S GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING: And She Lived Happily Ever After." joined the show.

Maria Avgitidis discusses the following on this e Health Radio Episode Web Sites: Maria The Date Agape Save this to your i Pod/mp3 player or the desktop on your computer and listen to it again for your guide or simply subscribe to this feed and never miss another episode on e Health Radio - powered by EDrug Dr Dale teaches workshops on online dating as well as coaches women one-on-one.

Just three months shy of the big Six-O, Dale Koppel, Ph D, found herself suddenly single.

Her seemingly perfect marriage of 25 years was over. Twelve days later, ignoring her girlfriends who thought she was moving too fast, she joined an online dating service. She decided to share her secrets of success with other women and wrote THE INTELLIGENT WOMAN'S GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING: And She Lived Happily Ever After, available on and at The Intelligent Womans Koppel holds degrees in education, psychology, and journalism.

As she made her way through thousands of profiles and met hundreds - yes, hundreds - of men, she learned how to make the most of online dating, achieve her goals, and come out on top. Her stories have appeared in newspapers and magazines throughout the country. They don't take the initiative, they don't do the searches themselves and they just sit there and wait.

She developed skills and created strategies that really worked. She wrote Women Are The Superior Sex and Why Women Worry for Globe Communications. It's sort of the old fashioned - waiting for a knight in shining armour to knock on your door - it doesn't work that way.

Maria Avgitidis, whis a matchmaker and dating coach in New York City joins the show.

She discusses the dating scene in New York and its culture, dating ideas and how social media is affecting how we date today.Maria Avgitidis, or "The Date Coach", provides solutions in dating and relationships.As a fourth generation matchmaker, and founder of Agape Match, a full scale matchmaking firm based in NYC, Maria is an astute observer of how various personality types interact with each other.She teaches online dating workshops and is an online dating coach in Massachusetts and Florida. The women have to be in charge, take control and do what they need to do and meet the man they are looking for and not wait on random men to look at their profile and contact them. Eric Michaels: What's your best advice when it comes to writing profiles? Koppel: Well, even though they say that men just look at the pictures, I sometimes joke about it and say a woman could say she is an ax murderer but if she is blond and beautiful she will get lots of dates but that's not exactly true.Eric Michaels: Why do women seem to have such a hard time meeting Mr. When I was online I really wanted to meet a man who cared about what I wrote in my profile so I think women have to pay close attention to writing their profile.The most important thing, even though these profiles says to tell us about yourself, men for whatever reason, you would know better than I, want to read more about themselves than about the women...

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