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CJ, Fenwick and Crispo win a sleepover at Pootatuck, along with several other students.

Despite previous failed attempts, the three are determined to stay awake all night and witness the sunrise, but Principal Hader tries everything she can to make them go to sleep, so that she won't have to deal with the children.

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Everything goes well until Mindy Minus, a popular girl who has a crush on Crispo, acknowledges that Crispo is saying yes to everything and tries to force Crispo into going on a date with her.

Guest stars: Brady Reiter (Mindy Minus), Diane Delano (Coach Le Beau) CJ decides she and her friends should be "fairy godmothers," in which they pick one person to grant wishes for.

CJ helps a girl named Scout talk to her crush, Arthur, Crispo "helps" CJ's brother, Ronbie, who has no people to tutor after CJ forces him to tutor him, and Fenwick spends time with his godmother to grant her wish of spending more time with him. Guest stars: Max Ehrich (Ronbie Martin), Dahlia White (Scout Mc Kluski) Note: Wanda from The Fairly Odd Parents makes a cameo appearance in this episode.

After her brother makes her think that in high school she will lose all her friends, CJ attempts to embrace her friendship with an exciting adventure with her friends, Crispo and Fenwick, to free a caged raccoon from science class. Guest stars: Max Ehrich (Ronbie Martin), Stephanie Escajeda (Mrs. Martin), Lisa Arch (Principal Hader), Diane Delano (Coach Le Beau), Brady Reiter (Mindy Minus), Christopher Neiman (Mr.

Slinko) Song featured: "The First Day of School" CJ and her friends create a garage band named "Robot Boy" for a competition, in which the winner gets a gift card for one hundred dollars' worth of spaghetti. Bandt), Brady Reiter (Mindy Minus) Song featured: "Rock Out Forever" CJ comes up with another thing to do with her friends: get over their fears.

Their group is disbanded due to creative differences, however, which CJ immediately regrets. Guest stars: Max Ehrich (Ronbie Martin), Henry Dittman (Mr. Fenwick is afraid of participating in a ritual that the school basketball team does, in which they run down the hallway.

Crispo claims he has no fear, but gladly helps Fenwick. It takes a lot of effort for them to conquer all their fears.

100 Things to Do Before High School is an American children's sitcom airing on Nickelodeon and created by Scott Fellows.

The program stars Isabela Moner, Jaheem Toombs, Owen Joyner, and Jack De Sena.

Three childhood best friends set off on a quest to make the best out of their final two years of middle school by making a list of 100 things to achieve before they set off to high school.

Along with the list and help from their guidance counselor, they make it through the highs and the lows of middle school.

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