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Trophy wife is an informal term for a wife, usually young and attractive, who is regarded as a status symbol for the husband, who is often an older and wealthy "sugar daddy". Referring to a spouse as a trophy wife usually reflects negatively on the character or personality of both parties.

For the husband, it has a connotation of narcissism and desire to impress others, and that the husband would not be able to attract the sexual interest of the attractive woman but for his wealth or position.

It can also be used to imply that the trophy wife in question has little personal merit besides her physical attractiveness, does very little of substance beyond remaining attractive, requires substantial expense for maintaining her appearance and is in some ways synonymous with the term "gold digger". One claim is that trophy wife originally appeared in a 1950 issue of The Economist newspaper, referring to the historical practice of warriors capturing the most beautiful women during battle to bring home as wives.

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Such a woman is most likely to be the second or the third wife of the man she is married to.

A trophy wife is regarded as a status symbol, something only the very rich and powerful can afford.

The term 'trophy wife' was reportedly coined by the Fortune magazine in 1989 and has since then gained currency in lifestyle descriptions of the rich and famous.

But I assume you have found the catch in the very first sentence.

Yes, it is a career option after all, in that you have to work hard to achieve it and harder to keep being good at it.

So go ahead and find out if you have what it takes to be a trophy wife.Meet Miillionaires from USA, Canada and Europe looking for Trophy Wives First let’s get the basics clear A trophy wife is someone who is beautiful, successful and married to an enormously rich man, several years her senior.Considering the possible recent origins of the term it must be noted that the term in Latin, Tropaeum uxor, appears in many scripts of both Greek and Roman origin dating as far back as the first half of the first century.There is the example found in the Naturalis Historia (by Gaius Plinius Secundus); though the meaning was probably not close to today's meaning and referred to "trophy women" as part of the tribute to Roman conquerors by defeated opponents.There is seldom a career option more alluring than that of a trophy wife.It is a life of glitz, glamour and opulence – lots of it!


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