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But this discrimination is not strictly adhered to.

An analytical approach was adopted to the publications reviewed, focusing on the objectives of the review.

We review a range of theoretical and empirical accounts of dignity and identify key dignity promoting factors evident in the literature, including staff attitudes and behaviour; environment; culture of care; and the performance of specific care activities.

Although there is scope to learn more about cultural aspects of dignity we know a good deal about dignity in care in general terms.

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Dignity has become a central concern in UK health policy in relation to older and vulnerable people.

The empirical and theoretical literature relating to dignity is extensive and as likely to confound and confuse as to clarify the meaning of dignity for nurses in practice.

The aim of this paper is critically to examine the literature and to address the following questions: What does dignity mean? And how might dignity be operationalised in the care of older people?

This paper critically reviews the theoretical and empirical literature relating to dignity and clarifies the meaning and implications of dignity in relation to the care of older people.

If nurses are to provide dignified care clarification is an essential first step.


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