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I have a random bunch of SSDs working in an Intel Rapid Storage Technology RAID 0 to serve as my system drive.To setup an Intel RST RAID drive, in UEFI one must change the SATA controller to RAID, then enter Intel's pre-OS RST mangement area One of these disks has a firmware update available which was given the highest update classification by the manufacturer: Important These firmware updates address critical bugs which improve the reliability and performance of your SSD.

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I use daily backups with Windows Home Server 2011, so it's quick and easy to restore my system. As far as Windows is concerned this is a real disk.

Still, it's not so fast that I want to remove the member disk just to update the firmware. I am using a software-RAID in a sense: the RAID controller is probably just software on a chip that came with my motherboard.

Anyway, answers considering a Windows software-RAID are also interesting and welcomed.

Illustration showing that motherboard RAID appears as a normal disk at the OS level Posted an answer but tossed a bounty on this because it’s a good question that deserves a more experienced answer.

Indeed, I'd totally forgotten that the Linux driver for the Host-RAID chipsets actually bypasses the RAID BIOS and accesses the drives directly (also why arrays on such chipsets do not work under Linux) Casually looking at the manufacturer’s link you initially provided it seems there Windows firmware updaters available as well as Mac OS X and Linux updaters or pretty much all models of SSD from this manufacturer.

And in the case of the ARC 100 model, the Linux firmware is available directly here.

Since—I assume—the RAID setup is via Windows itself, the firmware update couldn’t be applied as you expect to via Windows without breaking the RAID.

I mean my theory of booting into Linux should work, but I have never done something like this so hey… One option is to boot into Linux using a live disc, and then run the firmware updater for Linux from there.

The following is an example process of how to do this in Windows using free software. yours had the answer all along so I probably owe you a bounty!

See the article Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive on Tech Net, or follow these steps: @Jake Gould Yes, thanks! Not sure which is the most appropriate to accept at the moment, though...

Well, I don’t know how that rep bounty works if I offered it. I will say tangentially, if you can vote to close questions I have 3 of my own I would like to migrate to Server Fault from here. So I would appreciate it at least if you could cast your votes to close and migrate those questions.


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