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Follow the simple directions for this shabby chic nightstand here.

Appliques were added to this chic nightstand’s drawer fronts, and the entire thing was painted in black lacquer paint.

Mother-of-pearl knobs were added as the finishing touch to complete the lavish look.

Lucky for you, we've got some great ideas from paint to distressing to gilding and more!

This trendy mint nightstand was inspired by a more expensive version in stores.

Meagan from Craft Habit decided to make her own version by painting an old nightstand and attaching Cain webbing in the inset.If you have a basic nightstand that could use a bit of character, consider adding milk paint and just a few easy details to give it a charming French-antique style. Crazy Music Scores Funny Sports DRB RSS Feed DRB on Twitter DRB on Facebook DRB on Google+ DRB on Pinterest Subscribe by email About us Contact us by email Suggest a link Privacy Policy Abandoned Airplanes Animals Architecture Art Auto Biscotti Boats Books Computers Concept Cars Cool Ads Famous Feel-Good! Crazy Logistics Vintage Stewardess Photos 1-4 Ugly Faces!We will be constantly updating this page, as new issues come out, so make sure to bookmark it. Or have you found a basic bedside table that could use a little personalization?


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