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Here are some: Lithium batteries don’t care when you charge them or for how long. Fully discharging the battery isn’t good for the battery.In most cases nothing bad will happen, but there’s a chance- especially if it’s stored for extended periods of time with no charge- that the battery won’t charge back up afterwards.

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MP3 players are utterly useless without power, so naturally this is a very important aspect of any player.

There’s a lot of confusion going around both with regards to charging the batteries, preserving their maximum capacity and maximizing the play time per charge. 99% of all the rumours and misconceptions surrounding batteries for any electronic device have to do with charging them.

A lot of “rules” on how to charge batteries are still around from the “old days” where electronics used completely different types of batteries, and has nothing to do with the reality today.

Any modern MP3 player with a rechargeable battery will have a lithium based battery in it.

Why this doesn’t say much, it’s very important when it comes to how the battery behaves.

Most people have heard that you need to charge the battery for 12+ hours when you get it, leave it alone while charging, discharging and fully charging as often as possible etc.This is complete and utter nonsense when it comes to lithium based batteries. There’s no priming needed, which means the first time you charge the battery is no different from the 100th time you charge the battery.We’re talking a completely different battery technology, one which has a whole other set of rules. You don’t have to charge it for an insane amount of hours, as the battery will shut down charging when it’s finished fully charging anyways.There is only one way to charge batteries, so quick chargers and promises of super charge modes are simply marketing.Some chargers even skip the last 30% to appear to charge fast, but that isn’t really the case.Sony is only such company which advertises fast charging on Walkman players, where 3 minutes of charging gives you 90 minutes of playback.


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