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These cookies can be used to track where you go on the web, target you with ads, or create a profile of your online activities.

Safari was the first browser to block these cookies by default.

And by default it also prevents third-party websites from leaving data in your cache, local storage, or databases.

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Safari is faster and more energy efficient than other browsers, so sites are more responsive and your notebook battery lasts longer between charges.

Built-in privacy features help keep your browsing your business.

Handy tools help you save, find, and share your favorites.

And Safari works with i Cloud to let you browse seamlessly across all your devices.

Safari is engineered specifically for Mac, so it takes advantage of the powerful technologies built into every one. So compared with Chrome and Firefox, you can browse for up to two hours longer Privacy and security aren’t just something you should hope for — they’re something you should expect.

That’s why features to help protect your privacy and keep your Mac secure are built into Safari.For example, Safari gives you the option to search the Internet using Duck Duck Go — a search engine that doesn’t track you — as a built-in option.When you use Private Browsing, Safari doesn’t remember the pages you visit, your search history, or your Auto Fill information.Each tab in a Private Browsing window is isolated from the others, so websites you view in one tab can’t see your cookies from websites in another tab.This helps prevent websites you're logged in to from tracking you as you browse.The web pages you visit often leave cookies from third-party websites.

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