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private static readonly Regex Short Date = new Regex(@"^\d{6}$"); private static readonly Regex Long Date = new Regex(@"^\d{8}$"); public object Parse(object value, out string message) { msg = null; string s = value. //bool boolean Value = Validate Birthday(""); returns false private void btn Enter_Click(object sender, Event Args e) { masked Text Box1.

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This applies in some other languages as well but I can see how this can be misleading to newer [email protected] Example use based on your original code: Welcome to Stack Overflow!

Galvez Excuse my late coming to the party, but is it a best practice to include the brackets even if there is only 1 statement? Please look at the answers that have already been provided, especially when responding to a question that's over three years old and has been successfully answered.

This might just be a situation where personal preference is most important -- and in that case I find including them to be quite nice simply for readability and consistency. Your answer has already been covered by previous respondents. Trim() == "") { return null; } else { if (Short Date.

But i got a problem with the version for the Status Strip, using Visual Studio 2012.

I changed the Localizable property of the form to true and added a new language. After i pressed return a error message of the designer is shown: Invalid property value (The value does not match the object type).

When i remove the Loading Circle control from the Status Strip, everything works perfect.

The problem does not occur with the normal Loading Circle control.

I doubt I am the only one who has come up with this solution, but if you have a better one please post it here.

I simply want to leave this question here so I and others can search it later.

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