Vista network icon not updating

If you have spare funds for Windows 7 you will like the fact that it has a built in XP compatability interface.

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For this reason, it would be an exceedingly poor choice for this purpose. It is there as a means to provide the required environment to ensure connectivity/functionality for legacy custom/specialized (business) apps. even if ur system looks like xp, all the unnecessarty services that come with vista are still started in the background wait for rtm to get win7 or until they develop a crackthat stops the rc from xpiring, immagine my disappointment when i found out 7600 wasnt rtm If you don't like Vista of course download the wi NDOWS 7 RTM from MSDN on August 06, 2009 or August 16, 2009.

It is a Virtualized environment - by definition, it has no hardware based acceleration. My opinion is that Vista with SP2 / SP1 is become acceptable but of course we cannot put it a good OS, if you need to pay for OS and you just use for general computing it may not worth for you to buy a new OS now.

The question he is really asking is, is it worth the money. A lot of people say that Vista works "just fine" and isn't as sluggish as people say it is after SP1.

Basically, given they weren't lying, your probably only going to see XP users switching over once compatibility isn't an issue. So most people are going to assume initially "It's what Vista should have been." No, it's not the money i'm concernd of..

i have enough what i really want to know it's how games and such work's in Windows 7? when i want to play high end games i have to use vista because of dx10 and the 4gig ram cap that is on my verision of xp.

But when i dont play games or i play older games i always have xp running because i hate the slow thinking over capacitated vista. not all too noob friendly like vista is asking a 100 questions just for downloading a executable file and such, i mean that's just irritating for a person like me that know quite much about software and stuff.

I've runned the MS Config to shut down a whole lot of progresses that starts up but it didnt help too much. Another thing that i dont like about vista is the interface of "explorer.exe" i think the whole *** looks ike crap confusing me over and over again.

I used Vista for a little over a year and recently installed the RC for Windows 7.

7 has that clean interface that you like, at least I think it has a clean interface.

The XP SP2 compatibility will be right up your alley as well. If you have spare funds for Windows 7 you will like the fact that it has a built in XP compatability interface. {edit} That doesn't mean you can't specify a Compatibility Mode for the individual (game) by right clicking = Well that sucked =/ but something that suck more is that my graphic card fan suddenly stuck in the wires that powers it and ripped them off -.- just bought the damn card and tomorrow i have to leave it in for warranty......................................... One of my gripes about Windows 7 is that the "Classic Mode" features that used to be there are gone - it's now the new way or the "highway".

This means the games you could play in XP but not in Vista will be playable in Windows 7. "XP Mode" is a Virtualized environment and does not support graphics acceleration. Crappy Ge Force, my ATI that i run know is more stabile but it's old. I'm actually starting to like the new interface, but it does take some getting used to.

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