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That applies to landlines and especially to mobile access. I think it's a shame when people WANT to use data and analytics in innovative ways, but they're discouraged from doing so.

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There are plenty of places in the Dev Ops process where an organization can run aground on rocky shoals of woe.

Here, we highlight eight points of Dev Ops failure. Data visualization and business intelligence platform provider Tableau and big data Hadoop distributor Hortonworks reported their earnings this week.

Here's a peek inside the state of the business of big data technologies in our Big Data Roundup for the week ended August 7, 2016.

Apple released its 2016 diversity figures this week, revealing a slight increase in the number of woman tech workers it's added to its workforce mix during the past year.

The company is also making efforts to increase its overall diversity.

By 2018, the number of Io T devices will surpass mobile phones in the greatest number of connected devices, so putting strains on mobile networks, according to new figures from Ericsson.The increasingly rapid adoption of Io T hold several challenges for IT departments.Yes, speeds got a bit faster, but in international comparison, access to US Internet service is still grossly overpriced.IT pros at banks, investment houses, insurance companies, and other financial services organizations are focused on a range of issues, from peer-to-peer lending to cybersecurity to performance, agility, and compliance. The differences between mobile apps and conventional Windows clients, or even web applications, are far more than skin deep.Yes, the touch-versus-keyboard interface, APIs, and programming languages are new, but thats arguably the easy part.There are profound differences in how the two are built, the functionality each prioritizes, the release cycles on which theyre developed even the attitudes, values, and work styles of the developers creating them.

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