Who is kristen stwert dating

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It turns out Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's dance-off wasn't the only thing to go down behind the scenes at the Met Gala, after Miley Cyrus's ex-girlfriend and Kristen Stewart reportedly left the event together looking major cosy. So you know how we said el Maliko's robot arms were the best thing to happen at the fancy celebrity bash over the weekend? Let us know what you make of this on Twitter - but watch a super cool round up of the Best Dressed at the Met Gala first.

Well we lied and take it back 100 per cent, 'cos there's SO much celebrity goss going around right now - with Stella Maxwell taking centre stage.‚ÄčAccording to sources at The Mirror, K-Stew broke up with her previous girlfriend French singer Soko last month, and sparked dating rumours with Stella Maxwell after the pair were spotted leaving a Met Gala after-party together in comfy clothes.

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